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More about us: CityCapper is a free social location-based platform for finding, sharing and ranking meals for less than £5 in London, by the community and for the community. We launched in mid Nov 2016 and acquire since then more than 2,000 users and growing every day. We believe our platform offers a better solution to locals and travelers alike connecting them around budget meals. We believe that our low cap price of £5 along with our community-based approach and the fact that it relates on the knowledge sharing trend give us a unique position. But the truth is that we simply hope to make the world a fairer place where poeple can enjoy the city without breaking the bank!

Meet our team

  • Hi there, I'm Jonathan, 34 year old Israeli Corporate Lawyer. I hold a LLB in Law from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an MBA in Finance from Bar Ilan University. I worked as corporate lawyer specializing in technology, then worked at the Weizmann Institute of Science dealing with various Read More...

    Founder & CEO
  • We’re looking for a Social Media & Marketing Manager with a passion for connecting and growing communities and that can specialize in scaling, branding, and business development. If you're interested, drop us an email: