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CityCapper is a social platform for sharing meals for under £5 in London, by the community and for the community. In order to be able to find as many budget meals as we can, we have created a community of food bloggers from London, who share with us places they know and we are actively looking for more to join us.

If you are a blogger who support what we're doing at CityCapper, and you would like to share some places you know, we would be happy to hear from you. Just drop us a line at and we will be in touch! 

Our Bloggers:

East London Girl

East London Girl

East London Girl brings you tips on eat drink and dance all over London, with a particular focus (as the name suggests!) on areas around East London. When I first moved to London I was pretty overwhelmed by the amount of bars, restaurants and clubs available to visit and I spent a long time researching the best places to go to. I designed the website to split London into different areas to try and make it a little easier to find your way around!

"I completely support the work of CityCapper, allowing people on a budget to find some of the cheapest (but still tasty) eats around London."

East London Girl’s reviews on CityCapper:




Hi all, I'm ccccclara, originally from Taiwan and currently based in London. I'm also a postgraduate student and pretty passionate about art and design! As a foreign hungry Asian, I'm going to taste exotic food and tell you guys which one is worth your £5 (or less)!

Bon apetit!