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Meal deals

CityCapper Exclusive Deals

Turn CityCapper visitors into new customers with CityCapper Exclusive Deals.

CityCapper Exclusive Deals are vouchers that offer customers meals for £5 or less at restaurants where normally the price is higher (e.g., Exclusive Deals: £5 instead of normal price: £8).  

Since the goal of CityCapper is to help the community to find meals for £5 or less in London, we are always looking to find more meals to our community and we encourage restaurants, even if they are not in the price range of CityCapper (i.e. not offering meals for £5 or less) to create Exclusive Deals which can be limited in time or in quantity! 

It’s an easy way for restaurants to advertise their business (we will publish every Exclusive Deals in all our social media channels and will clearly advertise it at and to reach new loyal customers (mainly students and young professionals) by giving them an incentive to choose them over the competitions. 

If you are a restaurant's owner, and you would like to create some CityCapper Exclusive Deals, just drop us a line at and we will be in touch!