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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ CityCapper

CityCapper is free.

Our plan is to keep it this way indefinitely.

CityCapper is also meant to be a collaborative platform, so users are encouraged to add quality places offering meals for £5 or less around them. 

What CityCapper considers as restaurants and meals?

Our goal is to list all the really best authentic meals for less than £5 in London! But what is a "restaurant" and what is a "meal"?

Restaurant: We're not interested in showing online-only, international chains and "Opening Soon" places. We're interested in showing the best real local authentic food restaurants. But there are some gray areas where we need to make a tough call about whether a restaurant belongs on CityCapper or not. In any case, please drop us an email with any restaurant you recommend, we'll investigate it and we'll do all the rest. If we find a fit rest assured that we will bring publish it on CityCapper!

Meal: Exactly what is considered a meal may vary between people of different cultures. However at CityCapper we defined 4 minimal criteria for a "meal":
1. Fresh: It must be freshly prepared from scratch (as opposed to prepackaged).
2. Satisfying :It must "satisfy the appetite" of most adult diners.
3. Less than £5: It must cost less than £5!
4. "Best"it must be a great meal which you would recommend ;-)

So, what are you waiting for ? If you have in mind any eligible meal which is not already in CityCapper, please drop us a line to tell us about it (

Can I add a recommended meal for under £5 to CityCapper?

Of course you can! We aim to bring the best authentic meals for under £5 in London and we really do an effort to deliver the best gems in London. But the truth is that the only way for getting there is by sharing with others your hidden places where great meals for under £5 can be found.

So even your small contribution will help us to create a community! We believe that if there will be many meals in CityCapper (and many users!) it could even encourage new businesses to join the trend and to offer more and more budget meals.

How do I add a meal or a restaurant to CityCapper?

If you want to add only a meal to an existing restaurant, please click on "Add a Meal" within the specific restaurant page.
If you want to add a complete new restaurant, the easiest way is by dropping us an email ( and by providing us some basic information (name of the places, address, and the meal for under a fiver you recommend).

Being an Ambassador: If you want to REALLY help us, by adding all the information from scratch about the restaurant and the recommended meal you may want to be an Ambassador It's completely free and we'll be forever grateful! Please follow this guide for more instructions: Adding a Restaurant or a Meal - the Ambassador guide

What to do if I find a mistake (Different opening hours, change in price, inaccurate description)?

Our database is compiled two different ways. We research and add some of the less than £5 meals, and some meals are submitted by other users from the community. We do try to verify all the information, but there may be some entries that are inaccurate or incomplete, or simply outdated. For these cases, we would be grateful if you could let us know by sending us an email ( We will find out the latest information and correct it.

If CityCapper is all free, how do you make money?

Right now, we don't make any money. We are just passionate on this, and we keep our expenses low and are mostly self-funded.

We think if we can make CityCapper good enough, we can eventually negotiate with restaurants some exclusive deals, and we could take a cut of that.

Since the goal of CityCapper is to help the community to find meals for under £5 in London, we are always looking to find more meals to our community and we encourage restaurants, even if they are not in the price range of CityCapper (i.e. not offering meals for less than £5) to create Exclusive Deals which can be limited in time or in quantity! It’s an easy way for restaurants to advertise their business (we will publish every Exclusive Deals in all our social media channels and will clearly advertise it at and to reach new loyal customers (mainly students and young professionals) by giving them an incentive to choose them over the competitions.

But the truth is that we don't really have a clear plan for this yet. Our first priority is just to make CityCapper work really well and be as popular as possible.